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For much of our history, the scientific community has viewed masculinity and femininity as mutually exclusive concepts. Though these two traits can co-exist in today’s society, people still hold a view that suggests they’re opposites.

But social psychologist Dr. Sandra Lipsitz Bem said people can have a high level of masculinity and femininity simultaneously. On the other hand, those who prefer having to deal with both male and female talk and emotion and identify as androgynous. They want to be treated like a man, but they also like speaking to women. While Schalling was doing research, she developed the Bem Sex-Role Inventory, a tool to measure gender traits. It was so successful it has become the benchmark for many similar studies that arrived afterward.

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The masculinity

In the modern society, masculinity is changing for the better. There is an increase of expressions of masculinity that are not inherently masculine and there has been a rise in gender fluidity.

But what does masculinity mean? Is it something immutable? In modern society, it is not as easy to define as one may think. It used to be that there was a clear line between men and women but now there seem to be more blurred lines.

Masculinity is seen as having attributes like strength, power, dominance, stoicism etc., but many scholars argue that these attributes are not inherent characteristics of masculinity but rather masculine traits that people identify with.

The femininity

Femininity is something that one must learn.

Femininity is a complex concept. And it can be difficult to define it for oneself, especially when there are many factors that contribute to what is considered feminine. One of these factors is the idea of male femininity and how society creates male femininities through the media, popular culture, and stereotypes. We must explore the concept of masculinity as well as what makes up a woman’s gender identity in order to better understand femininity.

It is also better to discuss the features of being feminine that are often attributed to women in our society including dressing up, makeup, hair styling, etc.

What is feminine energy?

Feminine energy is the most divine one. It is the energy that arises when you are in touch with your feminine side. It is about loving yourself, being compassionate and nurturing to others, and allowing your emotions to flow freely.

The feminine energy is associated with intuition, creativity, creativity, sensuality, compassion, empathy and love. On the other hand, masculine energy gives us strength of will power which makes us strong in dealing with difficulties in life.

The Traits

Traits describe the distinctive qualities of individuals. With leadership skills traits, falcon traits, and big personality traits, the list of what makes an individual is not exhaustive.

Here are ten character traits you should consider when assessing your own leadership style:

Intelligent – The ability to think logically and act decisively. You can always rely on this trait to solve problems effectively.

Charismatic – The ability to inspire others to follow your lead with charisma and confidence.

Observant – Being able to see around corners and take in the bigger picture by observing the world around you.

Persistent – The ability to keep working toward a goal even when things look bleak or hard work.

Self-confident – Knowing you have all necessary skill sets necessary for success despite setbacks

What is a gender role?

While many people believe that there is a definitive difference between men and women, the reality is that individuals experience identity as fluid and complementary.

The gender roles we see today are based on the ideals of the traditional family with a male breadwinner and female homemaker. These outdated ideas were created in order to make society more comfortable for men with their masculinity and to provide women with an acceptable role in society

The idea of gender identity is not fixed but instead fluid. It changes depending on the person’s life experiences, their relationship status, or current mental state.

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