A question many curios people will have is, “How did I die in my past life?” Once, my friend who is a hypnotist said, one of his clients that she’d drowned during her last lifetime. As it turned out, she had an intense fear of drowning ever since the first time she saw Titanic on the big screen. It seems like this memory had never left her.

Two of his clients keep knives away in their homes. Both have been stabbed to death in another life. Some people are very curious to know how many times they have died in past reincarnation.

Past life recalls in current life.

There are multiple ways that past life deaths can show up in your present life. More often than not, it will manifest as an issue that shows up during the hours of darkness. A large number of people who have died in their past lives during the night will sleep for certain periods of time at a particular time within their sleep cycle. It’s the same time as the day they died so their soul is afraid that something terrible will happen again. This leaves their soul on high alert.

The experience of living through an unpleasant death may drive people to avoid certain things in the present, like enclosed spaces or heights. This might be something that happened via falls, dehydration, or other circumstances that resulted in irreversible damage at some point in the distant past.

It is not always easy to tell when something you are doing today will have surprising effects in the future. One surprising example might be that, in the past “bleeding to death” was a major cause of constipation, and we still feel its effects today.

Finding out the cause of your injury in a past life can lead to healing. This may be due to past lives in which you were decapitated or something else. you can recall your memory by hypnotizing.

If you’re wondering, “How did I die in my past life?” take a look at what you’re worried about and believe is holding you back. As well as places in your body where there’s still emotional pain.

What happens when we die in a past life? How do we reincarnate in our next life?

What happens when we die? What is next?

Many people believe that death is the end. They believe that once you die you will be gone forever.

This is not the case, though. The truth of the matter is there are many different beliefs about what happens to us after we die, and reincarnation is one of them. So what exactly is reincarnation? Reincarnation means that after death there will be a new life for you in some other form. Reincarnation is clearly explained in Buddhism.

What Is Reincarnation and How Does It Work?

Reincarnation is a word that has been thrown around in many cultures and religions for centuries. It’s a process that is said to involve the soul being “reborn” in a new body after death.

In Hinduism, reincarnation is called Samsara, and it’s a very complicated process. The basic idea is that the soul has to work its way up from lower lifeforms before it can be born as a human again.

In Buddhism, reincarnation is called Transmigration of Souls and it means exactly what you think – life goes on with one continuous process of death and rebirth for all souls until they reach enlightenment.

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