Some may think that orthodontic treatment is confusing and inconvenient. But don’t worry! We’ve put together a quiz named ‘How Long Will I Need Braces Quiz’ to help you figure out how long it will take to get your teeth in the right place.

In general, braces should wear for at least 18 to 2 years. But its not true for all kind of teeth corrections. It depends on how you follow the orthodontic advices and keeping the right practices on how you work with your braces.

Can I get my braces off faster?

Would you believe if I told you that a common misconception is that braces take a long time to remove? That couldn’t be further from the truth. In fact My honest answer is ‘Yes’. Based on our records, we’ve seen an average of 3 months for the removal process.

Do braces change your face?

Yes. Most of the time braces changes your facial expressions. Because, the teeth is a major part of your face which shows your facial expressions. So it is very important to choose the right braces to match with your face. Especially the color of the braces plays a vital role when it comes to facial expressions.

What are the best colors for braces?

It is common to hear the question, “What are the best colors for braces?” Many people are looking for the best color that would blend in with their teeth, but there are many factors that go into choosing a color that will complement your smile. You should consider your skin tone, hair type and eye color before deciding on a color. Lets take our Color Braces Quiz.

if you have an overbite do you need braces ?

The answer to that question is yes and’ll need braces to straighten your teeth and correct the overbite, but it’s also important to note that sometimes people with an overbite don’t require braces. It all comes down to the severity of the overbite, so it’s best for you to consult a professional orthodontist or dentist before making any decisions.

How to reduce braces pain ?

Cold temperatures can get your mouth numb so you don’t feel pain when you get your braces on. An ice pack is easy to apply, and if you have one available, it’ll work great.

After you visit the orthodontist, drink some ice water. This will help numb your mouth and reduce discomfort.

Let’s take the braces quiz and find out how long you’ll need braces.

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