How many times have I died quiz is a quiz helps you to find out number of lives or deaths in your past reincarnation.

Some religions believe in being reborn, while others don’t. It’s a process of being reincarnated after we’re born again in a different body and continue to live until that body dies. This is a never-ending cycle of life. The soul / mind / consciousness goes in to a new body and has another go at life. But this time, in our “How many times are you reincarnated” quiz we’ll find out how much experience you’ve had. That is, how many times you’ve been born.

Once in a while you’ll hear from someone about the reincarnation thing. Seems they were able to chat with their past lives and prove that it was them all along. One theory on the origin of the human soul is it’s a part of their individual’s willingness or readiness to confront death. They believe that human souls are born anew after every “death” they experience. This results in an infinite amount of lives, but is it possible that we’re just recycling and dying over and over again? How many times have I died?

What is the Buddhist concept of Rebirth

Death has always been a part of the human condition, however, this does not negate its finality. However, Buddhism offers rebirth as a way for one to escape death. The idea is that there are many opportunities for rebirth following death and that each time an individual is reborn they would have a new life with new homes, families, occupations etc.

This idea of rebirth was originally intended to provide hope to those who were suffering in their current lives by providing them with the possibility of being reborn into better circumstances in their next one.

Rebirth is a central concept in Buddhism, and is believed to be the assurance of eternal life. The cycle of death and rebirth is called “sansara” and it provides a sense of meaning to our lives as we strive to liberate ourselves from worldly problems.

The state of being reborn is determined by karma which decides how well we will live our next life. If you have accumulated good karma, you will be reborn into a higher state such as deva or human; if you have accumulated bad karma, you will be reborn into a lower state such as preta or animal.

According to Buddhism, there is no permanent death. Death is a process rather than a state of being.

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We’re going to figure out how many times you’ve died in this quiz. To do that we’re going to ask you some questions. If you don’t know the answer or can’t remember, then just guesstimate and we’ll take it from there. Remember, this was made to make you smile, so let’s get started…

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