Are you a Genius? How is your General knowledge about things? If you have the habit of reading, that is a good sign of a genius. By reading you will gather knowledge about various things such as Science, History, Geology, Zoology, mathematics, etc.

How do you know you are a genius? Well. There are many signs to identify a genius. They look at things differently while thinking about the opposites of the thought at the same time. They read a lot as they have a curiosity about the desired subject matter. Eventually, they gain knowledge on every subject which I mentioned earlier.

In society, we meet lots of genius people at various places in our life. It may be at the bar, Pub, church, college, or maybe at the university. You might have seen then quiz competitions at Pubs as a game. It gives more enjoyment for the people. Some people who give accurate answers and become remarkable individuals while getting admired by others. Those quizzes are designed around various topics based on general knowledge. So it’s not that easy to score high on such pub quizzes as no one is perfect on every subject. If you can beat the quiz and score high, indeed you are a genius. Give a try to prove yourself.

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