This Diaper Lover quiz will reveal whether you are a diaper lover or Not. Or may be how much Diaper Lover are you.

Who is a Diaper Lover?

A diaper lover is someone who enjoys wearing or using diapers in some way. There are many different types of diaper lovers, including adult babies, diaper fetishists, and people who just enjoy wearing diapers for fun.

What causes baby fetish?

This also called Nappy Fetishism or diaperism .People have been using diapers for centuries. But why do people love them? What has been the reason behind this strong connection?

One of the most important reasons why people love Diapers is that it’s a feeling. It’s a feeling that someone cares for you and wants to take care of you in your need. Diaper fetish is kind of a metal disorder called Paraphilic infantilism(also known as adult baby syndrome). Adult baby diaper lover s do role play a regression to a baby. They use feeding bottles and urinate on diapers.

Why do adults want to wear diapers ?

Adults are increasingly turning to diapers as a means of comfort. This is because the psychological effects of wearing diapers are soothing, relieving stress and anxiety. Further, the age regression is another cause for adult diaper affection.

There are many reasons why adults want to wear diapers. Some people want to wear them because they enjoy the feeling of being a child again while others may do it because they have medical issues that make them feel better when they wear one. The personality of the person is also shows with the likely hood for such plastic pants.

The pacifier has been around since the days of ancient Greece and was often used by babies as a way to soothe themselves. When adults start wearing diapers, it’s often seen as an adult form of pacifier or reward for good behavior.

Are you embarrassed about wearing nappies as an adult?

The reason why there is a stigma towards using diapers as adults is because people think it’s embarrassing to be wearing them (Tryout our Embarrassing Diaper Quiz). However, this is no longer an issue as more people are embracing the practice and even going as far as wearing diapers at work.

There are many factors to take into consideration when deciding what type of nappy to use as an adult. This includes the type of job you have, the level of activity you undertake, and if any medical conditions require a different diaper.

There are many options available today for adults who want to wear diapers such as soft-diapers, cloth diapers, and disposable nappies.

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