If you have a dream about your family being held hostage, this could symbolize your wish for freedom. In addition, it signals lofty aims and aspirations. Additionally, it might indicate that someone loves you and that you’re in control of a certain situation or relationship. What’s more, it reflects your admiration for nature and its inhabitants which will bring success to you in the future.

Dreaming Of Family And Hold And Hostage

Family and Hostage symbolizes love, passion and the plan to move forward. It reminds us to take a step back and have an overview of our aspirations. This vision implies justice or fairness too, so it is essential to use proper language when communicating with others. Additionally, Family and Hostage denotes femininity, appeal, longing as well as one’s willingness to embrace changes and relinquish control over one’s body. Finally, this dream could also denote a tricky situation you may be facing in life.

Being A Hostage

Dreams that involve being held hostage, such as being tied up and blindfolded in a dark room, often symbolize overly dependent behavior. It could represent an individual who leans on their parents or friends when faced with challenges, providing them with a comfortable safety net. However, this reliance can prevent someone from achieving things on their own, as there is already somebody helping to carry the load.

Taking Someone Hostage

Dreaming of holding or abducting someone might hint at a person who is preventing you from thriving in real life. Perhaps, they are withholding crucial information or obstructing your aspirations, which has resulted in your career being stuck. It could also be more subtle such as making you doubt yourself so that they don’t have to compete with you for success.

Being Held Hostage As A Black Woman

Being held hostage by thugs while being a black woman is an unfortunate situation. It not only comes with fear and trauma, but can also lead to other adverse outcomes. For instance, it could result in health issues due to unhealthy lifestyle choices such as lack of physical activity or eating processed foods regularly. These health issues can affect one’s productivity levels & even lead to some debt if the person finds themselves incapacitated for days or weeks.

Helpless While Being Held Hostage

I was being held hostage in a room with knives, and no one wanted to help me- not even family. The captor had a “target” he was after, while others were able to come in and out unscathed. I pleaded and begged for help, yet nobody listened. I stumbled to my mother who was in the car outside talking to her friend but nothing came of it; this experience ended when I woke up from the nightmare.

Captivity and helplessness in the dream world may be a reflection of your feelings about a certain situation in real life. Maybe you feel powerless and taken advantage of when interacting with authority figures or influential people. It could also illustrate the need to stay passive in their presence, despite not agreeing with them, which might take you by surprise. This could represent a lack of willingness to speak out against their ideas, no matter how wrong they are – showing how much control they have over you.

Someone You Know As A Hostage

Dreaming about someone you know being held hostage could indicate hidden predicaments in reality. This individual may have something going on and is hiding it from you, causing you to be dragged into the mess. They chose to lie fearing judgement or punishment. You have to intervene and help this person, including yourself, find a way out of this difficult situation.

Taken Hostage By A Stranger

I had a strange dream where an unfamiliar man kidnapped both me and my little brother. Although he didn’t harm my brother, he did put me through emotional abuse that lasted for what felt like two days. Interestingly enough, we were allowed to keep our phones with us. Eventually, out of the blue we were somehow able to escape and my dad was there waiting for us – even though he’d died in the beginning due to his diabetes after being fed something contrary to his diet. In addition, this person had also raped a church woman.

The Jungian concept of the ‘shadow’ being taken hostage in your dreamscape is indicative of your reliance on those close to you when life gets tough. The psychological ordeal and torture suggest feeling overwhelmed by expectations. But having a phone gives you the option to take a stand and get away, while your brother’s presence signifies that you are conscious of the power in your hands.

Freeing A Hostage

Dreams about setting a hostage free symbolize the potential for overcoming obstacles and experiencing positive outcomes. Whether it is you who is freed or someone else, the dream indicates that any current problems or downturns are only temporary. In a way, the hostage in the dream represents your own inner potential and significance – once you are free from difficulties, you can reach your highest potential.

Being Held Hostage And Being Shot

Experiencing kidnapping followed by being shot in the same vision indicates an excessive dependence on others for your battles. This kind of reliance on friends and relatives does not allow you to stand up for yourself and make efforts to be independent. It is important to count on support from those around us, but it should not be instead of striving for self-reliance. People may get tired of offering constant help when they don’t see any effort from you whatsoever.

People Being Taken Hostages

Experiencing the joy of a friend or acquaintance who has experienced some miraculous triumph amidst a hostage situation like a schoolkid kidnapping or high-profile abduction can be difficult to digest – especially if you’re someone who has been working hard for a long time. While it’s natural to feel envy, it’s important to remember that hard work and luck often go hand in hand when success is achieved.

An Apartment Taken Hostage

It all started when I was bitten on the nose by a wolf. Things only got worse when I found myself in an apartment building that had been taken hostage, with cell service being cut off. After managing to escape, I sought help and was followed by a suspicious man. Luckily, I met a strong woman who helped me make it to the ocean where she killed him. When I made my return to the apartments, there was an Emergency Room nearby that could provide me assistance. Eventually, people spotted me hiding in a river bed and brought me to a community meeting. Afterwards, I took a truck in order to get the

It is possible that a sudden change in your career may arise and bring up difficult situations. It could be that someone you dislike is trying to undermine your success without you realizing it. Being bitten by the wolf may symbolize this antagonist, while the hostage situation suggests you are powerless against these events. However, there might be hope for you as the ocean at the end of your dream indicates a chance of finding solace from this hostility.

Being Kept Captive Together With Mother And Cats

I was held captive with my mother in a man’s house and he kept cats in a cage to torture them. Then managed to sneak to the back of the house and save one of the cats, which ran off. I snuck back inside, only for my dream to take a terrible turn when the man started shouting at me and threatened to remove my mother’s eyes from her head. I courageously ran over and got between him and my mom, though I was much smaller than him. My mom remained still throughout this ordeal. He roared: “I

Dreams of captivity often point to a sense of being powerless in the waking world. It could be reflective of a powerful individual who you feel has control over you and your life choices. The dream could also allude to consequences from decisions that have been made in the past which affect both yourself and your mother negatively. Your defiance against the captor symbolizes your strength and determination to overcome the obstacles created by previous missteps.

Being Saved As A Hostage By A Friend

My dream featured me & unfamiliar people getting held hostage until I spotted my friend & chased after him. Thankful to have made it out without any trouble, I hugged him tightly. Interpreting dreams, many say that being taken captive symbolizes a passive attitude and being too reliant on others for advice, friendship and direction in life. By pursuing after my friend instead of getting saved by someone else could be interpreted as you’ve started to overcome your submissiveness.

A Stranger Taken Hostage

Watching a stranger in a precarious situation, like being taken hostage in somebody’s garage or trunk of a car, can act as an analogy to your own well-being. Your poor diet full of junk food and lack of exercise could manifest itself as a physical illness. If you don’t start making healthy habits, it may lead to some serious medical conditions that will require attention.

Being Held Hostage And Seducing Someone


Dreaming about being kidnapped and held hostage can often indicate that we’ve come to understand that the choices we make in life, direct our fate. Additionally, the act of being unable to use the restroom could symbolize outdated beliefs and habits which are hindering us from reaching our full potential. The seduction of one of the men and having sexual intercourse with him may indicate an urge for change and a willingness to find a new path in life.