Dreaming of an afternoon can be a sign of forming strong and lasting friendships for women. However, if the day is rainy and cloudy, it may symbolize disillusionment and unhappiness.

Do Afternoon Dreams Come True?

Do afternoon dreams really come true? This has been an age-old query that can be hard to answer with definite certainty. Everyone experiences a variety of dreams, and it depends on how we choose to interpret them or which ones we pay attention to. Many believe in the possibility of manifesting their dreams into reality. For example, dreaming about winning the lottery may actually result in a victory if the numbers are played correctly.

Why Do I Have More Realistic Dreams When I Take A Nap During The Day?

Believe it or not, we naturally have an inclination for afternoon naps! Our sleep pattern is known as a bi-phasic cycle which allows us to get a more restful REM sleep at night. This can result in more vivid dreams and make it easier to recall them when you wake up.

Why Do I Get Bad Dreams While I Take Afternoon Naps?

Going to sleep after a particularly busy and taxing day can be quite stressful for the brain. All of the daily worries, memories and thoughts may overwhelm it, leading to nightmares. I personally face this problem quite often due to the hectic college life I lead – between classes, going to gym and studying, there’s hardly any time for rest. Taking a nap helps ease this burden slightly but even then I regularly have bad dreams.

The Afternoon Passed Very Quickly In Your Dream State

Dreams often foreshadow a period of joy in life. It could indicate an up-coming pleasant event or someone you’re about to meet that may play a significant role. To make the most out of it, you must learn to stay connected without forming attachments beyond what’s necessary. Keep in mind that all things are transient and even life itself is finite. The dream may also suggest a reluctance to go through drastic changes, so be mindful to take small steps and gradually make alterations in your life. Every big journey begins with a single step – remember that!