The what is your Red Flag Quiz is designed to help you identify warning signs in your behavior. Answer all the questions to find out the to avoid your toxic traits.

You might see the red flag emoji pop up a lot on social media, and many use it to react. It could mean they like or dislike something, Do you know what it really means? What is the red flag quiz? And why has it gone viral?

What is the red flag emoji in social media?

The universal emoji keyboard features a red flag emoji. It should be available on the standard UK keyboard across all brands including iPhones and Android phones.

A red tag is usually used to warn of an error. Every time I see one, it reminds me of when something was off. But in personal life our red flag expressions or traits gives signals/feelings to others about you.

What is the ‘red flags’ quiz?

New red flag emojis are pretty hot on social media right now. People use them to show how they feel about content they see on the media. Our ‘What Is Your Red Flag’ Personality quize have even been developed for it.

Red flag “personality quizzes” are currently trending for their questions such as what is your relationship status with family and friends. Quizzes usually involve questions about zodiac signs and how people feel about themselves. One of these quizzes that has gone viral on the internet recently is the one where people have to answer a question or two about themselves and then get a score. But our quiz gives your red Flag depends on your answers by taking our ‘What is your Red Flag Quiz’.

Take What Is Your Red Flag Quiz

Lets take our ‘What is your red flag quiz and find out what is your red flag and what traits you should avoid.

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