How many hugs do you need a day? Virginia Satir once said, “We need an average of four hugs a day for survival. We need an average of eight hugs a day for maintenance. We need to give an adequate number of hugs per day to maintain growth.” While this may seem like a lot. But is that true for all people ?

Some people love hugging others often and full-heartedly, but there are also some who don’t like it that much. Lets take our quiz to find out if you’re hugging enough!

About Our Quiz

We have prepared a set of quiz questions to identify your personal traits while evaluating your stress level. By taking our quiz finally you will find out how many hugs you need per day to reduce the stress and stay happily.

Why is it good to have a Hug ?

Hugs for at least 20 seconds can release the “feel-good hormone” oxytocin, creating a sense of intimacy and reducing stress. Oxytocin has also been shown to reduce immune response in people experiencing severe trauma and depression.

Hugging habit in Western Countries

Unfortunately, many people in the west are touch-deprived these days. Whether by living out solitary lives or dealing with busy workdays with little time to socialize & interact with others, many people go through their days without giving themselves the nurturing touch they need.

Social conventions today tell people not to touch anyone they don’t know, but this isn’t how humans interact in the real world. If you live alone, or are by yourself a lot, skin on skin contact is really important.

If you need to reduce your stress, increase your happiness, and generally feel better about life then giving and seeking out more hugs is a good start!

Do you feel a little bit hesitant to ask people for hugs ? Then, start small by asking your friends and family members closest to you first.

According to science, if you have a hug with someone that you’re close with at least once every now & then, your brain will thank you for it.

But its not much recommended with the present pandemic situation.

Can I send a virtual hug?

Sending a virtual hug is just as meaningful as giving an in-person hug. It’s a way of reminding them that you care and want to make them feel loved even when you’re not physically able to. (You can do this by sending an emojis, for example). But its not that effective either you or him/her than the physical hug.

How to hug someone taller than you ?

It’s important to pay attention to your height if you’re shorter than the girl you’re with. Try standing on something taller, standing up straight, or even asking her to sit down.

Hugging taller girls doesn’t have to be scary. You can try hugging them from the side, turning your head to the side, or even putting your arms around their waist.

Lets start the quiz

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