It’s fun to think about “what type of witch am I. This quiz has the answer. It accurately matches you with one of 45 different types of witches, all accurate!

Ok cool so what kind of witch are you??

We created a test on this page to find out your witch type. Let’s see if you feel like you have magical powers. If so, taking this quiz will help prove whether or not you are actually a witch.

How to categorize different types of witches?

People will say things like, “what type of witch am I?” after they find out there are hundreds of different categories for witchcraft practitioners. But the question is how are they classified into these different groups?

There are many different types of witch. This is because they can differ by their techniques, traditions, skills or beliefs. This makes for them to be split up into separate groups.

How do I look like a witch?

Consider adding color to your hair. If you’re blonde, a long streak of red, purple, orange, or white might really up your witch look. You don’t need to dye your hair black for it to look good!

Consider adding color to your hair. A long streak of red, orange, purple, or white can help to give you a witch look, depending on your hair style and color. If your hair is blonde, that can look perfectly witchy. It’s not necessary to have dark hair to look witch-like.

Witch category by Witchcraft

The kind of magic you practice can often define your witch or wizard type. Some common types are spiritualists, naturalists, necromancers, conjurors, etc. You can often figure out what kind of witch or wizard you are by analyzing the different categories.

Witch category by Traditions

Magic wielders might follow different traditions. Wicca, for instance, is a type of practice that includes many old techniques and traditions. People practicing Wicca might be called “traditional witches.” This means that one way to answer the question “What kind of witch am I?” is by considering what tradition I come from.

Witch category by Abilities

Magical people are skilled in certain areas, with different skillsets. Take Sea Witches for instance. These people are bonded to water, oceans and any relating elements – so they have an affinity that is related to the water world.

Witch category by Beliefs

Magic isn’t a job, but a mindset. So, all magical beings have the same beliefs as people who don’t use magic. For example, some believe in God and others are atheist – just like other people.

And that begs the question “What do I believe in?” to answer “What type of witch am I?”.

How To Know What Kind of Witch Am I?

A lot of people have suggested you take the time to get a blood test to see if your blood type matches up with a witching personality. You could also go consult a psychic who specializes in this stuff, but that costs money and takes time. And, if it’s not relevant for you, then there is one other option you can take.

You one an only option take our Quiz on This Page

Our ‘ What Kind of Witch I Am’ quiz is give you all most correct judgment based on your answers. That’s because there are numerous methods of pinpointing the witch within you. Providing us with your knowledge about witchcraft, personality, spiritual experiences, and beliefs will allow for this to take place.

So, don’t worry. If you answer honestly, we’ll give you a genuine answer quickly.

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