So you’ve always wondered which Backyardigans character you are most like? No need to wonder anymore – just take our which backyardigan are you quiz.

The Backyardigans is a computer-animated children’s TV series created by Janice Burgess. It centers on five animal neighbors who imagine themselves on fantastic adventures.

If you’re a Backyardigan fan, this quiz will help you find out which one of the characters is your favorite. Try out those from Pablo, Tyron, Austin or Uniqua for starters!

Do you think backyardiagans exist in real life? Lets take our quiz and find out.


Uniqua is a unique character who has strength, confidence, and spunk. She loves to laugh and she tries to make people laugh too. The Uniqua books have many fans across the world because of the interesting insights into children’s minds & hearts. It also uses the name “Uniqua” for both herself and her species which are described wearing pink. She usually imagines herself as a scientist or a pirate captain. Our which backyardigan are you , fun quiz consisted the charactoristics of Uniqua as well.


Pablo is a blue penguin who usually wears a bow tie and has a propeller beanie. He’s usually high-strung and tends to be very nervous and emotional.

He often has a panic attack when faced with an obstacle, runs around in circles and keeps saying not to worry until someone gets his attention.

Pablo’s panic attacks become less prominent as the show goes on, though his occasional behavior in the later episode “The Flipper!” is a key point. Pablo only appears once: “Chichen-Itza Pizza.


Tyrone has a distinctive orange color that stands out, and he wears a striped shirt to match. He may seem laid-back, but he handles situations efficiently & calms others down when needed. Tyrone is his polar opposite in terms of personality – Pablo is energetic but he’s also too outgoing.

Tyrone isn’t one to forego witty banter, and the scene-ending quips he’s famous for help to bring an episode full circle. In the end, his witty humor even makes a return as Tyrone tells us all that “It was definitely an adventure!”.


Tasha is a yellow-hippo-who-is-serious, curious, skeptical someone that wants everyone to be just like her. She wears red shoes & dresses with orange flowers all over them! Tasha is the serious of the Backyardigans… though she can be kind too.

Her catchphrase is, “Oh, gosh.” Nickelodeon describes Tasha as “mischievous and surprisingly tough”. She also has a speaking voice and singing voice.


Austin is a shy kangaroo who loves to play at his friends’ houses. One day, he moves into the neighborhood and is suddenly reserved & soft-spoken because he’s still feeling out his new surroundings. Eventually, Austin’s personality comes through and people quickly realize that he is smart & imaginative just like the other characters in the show

Austin rarely gets much attention, but does have a role in several episodes. Beth Bogush described him as “the one pulling up the rear”. He’s kind of a get-along guy.” His speaking voice is Jonah Bobo and his singing voice is Thomas Shar..

Without thinking above backyardigan charactors take our what backyardigan are you Quiz and find our your best match.

Which Backyardigan Are You Quiz

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