Welcome to our ‘Smash Or Pass Celebrities’ quiz. Since celebrities live in the public eye, they’re subject to fan adulation. So much so that when it began, people played a game called Smash or Pass when they were asked about their careers. What is Smash or Pass? You ask!

This is a social quiz game where you can see how accurate your result is! Based on a celebrity photo, you’ll have to click “smash” or “pass.” You’ll then get your crush revealed- or at least that is what the results say.

This quiz asks you to identify celebrities from pictures. There are many options, but it’s not about thinking too hard – just go with your gut instinct.

I am so excited to bring you this quiz about male and female celebrities. Some people might find it a little tricky to choose which one of the guys or girls they want to answer but I think that everyone will find their favorite star on this quiz.

Most people have a type of partner that they end up with more often than not. What your type is, is really fun to figure out and will give you some insight into the dating habits of your and your friends!

Pick your favorite celebrity, make your game play! lets do Smash Or Pass Celebrities quiz.

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