What is Skinwalker Dream Meaning ? Skinwalker is a Native American word for a witch who can turn into an animal and walks the night in search of victims.

A skinwalker is someone who can change their shape into an animal, usually at night, to harm people. The term comes from the Navajo language and means “a person with power to transform him or herself into any living creature or animal at will”.

The Navajo believe that skinwalkers are witches who have the power to turn themselves into animals, usually at night, in order to harm people.

Skinwalker Dream Meaning & Interpretation

Skinwalkers are not always human, and they are not always animals. They can be any shape, form or color.

The skinwalker is known by many different names among the various tribes of North America, including the Navajo Yei-bi-chei (“Night Walker”), the Pueblo Kachina (“Spirit Dancer”), and the Lakota Wihága (“Crazy One”).

How To Interpret The Meaning Of Skinwalkers In Dreams?

The word skinwalker is often translated as “evil witch” or “witchery.”

The Navajo people believe that those who have the power to change into any animal they want, usually by rubbing their body with the skin of the animal, are witches and sorcerers. They also believe that these witches can shape-shift into animals at will.

Navajo people also believe that these witches can take on the form of a person in order to harm someone. In this case, they call them “skinwalkers.”

What Is The Significance Of The Skinwalkers In Native American Culture?

The most common version of the skinwalker myth says that they can take the form of any animal, but they usually appear as coyotes, wolves, bears, or other wild animals.

In some cases, skinwalkers can also take on human form and can only be identified by their eyes which glow red with fire.