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What is “But I’m a Cheerleader”? The Movie & How it Became a Cult Classic

“But I’m a cheerleader” is a comedy-drama film from 1999. Starring Natasha Lyonne, Clea Duvall, and Megan Mullally as three girls who must convince their parents that they are straight in order to avoid being sent to a controversial conversion therapy camp. The therapy sessions are run by Dr. Radford, who convinces the girls that they are sick and need to be cured of their homosexuality.

One day during cheerleading practice, Megan realizes how much she enjoys cheerleading and decides to pursue it instead of following through with Dr. Radford’s treatment plan. Although at first not successful in cheering since she was not allowed to participate in her school’s team due to her sexuality, Megan manages to find other high schools that were willing to allow her to participate on their teams after discreetly inquiring.

The movie was a box office bomb and received mixed reviews from critics. It is now considered a cult classic by many for its satirical take on the “gay agenda” and has been referenced in popular culture, TV shows, and songs.

How the Film’s Theme of Sexuality & Identity Resonated with People

As the audience watched the film, they were able to see how sexuality and identity are not limited to heterosexuality. This is important because it is important for people to know that their sexuality and identity don’t have to be limited by society’s standards.

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