Are you interested in Vampire movies? The Twilight Saga is a movie that goes beyond ordinary Vampire Diaries. Its emphasis on the development of the relationship between a teenage girl called Bella and a Vampire called Edward. It’s not a so-called love story and provides us loads of love, passion, intensity, and drama. Because, Edward has the responsibility to protect his love, Bella from other vampires. Hence the curiosity of the story remains over the movie up to the end.

The series consisted of five Romance fantasy films in which the first episode has been released in 2008. You maybe remember you’re good old days thinking about either the team of “Edward” or the team of “Jacob”. In those good old days, every teen was onboard and enjoyed the series of a love triangle with pleasure. Most of the girls loved Edward as he is so handsome than Jacob. And the feelings that he expressed on many occasions won many hearts. Everybody was waiting to watch the next episode with the same enthusiasm. Everybody wanted to keep the love and passion gives each other while addicting to the movie Twilight Saga.

Anyone who truly needs to be with Vampire Edward Cullen will win this quiz.

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