Do you think to adopt a cat? Yeh.. that may be a good idea. Cats are good life partners who share things with their masters differently. Cats are good listeners and make the owners reduce their stress levels. Cat owners have healthier hearts while their kids will become more responsible and healthier adults which support building a great generation.

Some people have dozens of cats at home or in the courtyard while some have one or two cats as life companions. Adopting a cat looks easy but maintaining her is challenging. You may be wondering how many cats you could own? The answer depends on many factors like your Lifestyle, Wealth, your feelings towards your cats, your age, attitudes of your family members, Depends on other pets at home, etc.

So we decided to help you out by creating an interactive set of the quiz to find out how many cats you can adopt as a cat owner. After you give your honest opinion on the quiz, our system will do the math and give the best answer depends on the way you handle things in your lifestyle. Hence we will find out what you have in common with these furry beasts. Should you be a cat woman or Just to have a few of them. Just spend a few minutes to go through the questions and get the best results. Let’s test your “Catitude”!!!

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