How many cows am I Worth? You may be thinking what does this mean? This is the method of accessing the value of an African Bride and the same has to pay by the bride or her family members to the Groom. In other terms, this value is called “Dowry”. The payment is defined as a gift to the Groom for looking after the bride and taking responsibility for her life. This usually pays by live stocks of cows or in similar value of money which is called as “Lobola”. They access the price of an African Bride by her, age, height, weight, waist size, etc.

Do you believe if I say this is still in practice in traditional Southern African Culture?  Yes. This still very common in some provinces in South Africa. For example, in Gauteng province, the average Lobola is around seventeen cows. $ 7150/- in value. The price gets vary by province in the country.

In the modern culture, there are new factors that have been introduced such as Educational qualifications, Previous records of family life, Widow, divorced, availability of children, Ability to cook, etc to access the Lobola of women. Similarly, they have started to evaluate Lobola for men as well.

The following set of quizzes consists of some sort of unrelated questions to evaluate the Lobola for you. Do you expect to get married soon? Then this is ideal for you to know your value by the number of cows. Let’s have some fun… Share the result with your friends and have fun.

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