Do You Need Braces If You Have An Overbite? This a common question in the world as there are 45 percent out of population are wearing Braces for various dental errors. Overbite is one of the dental error may be you should wear braces. But there are other options to correct overbites other than Braces. Take Our Quiz to find out do you really need Braces to correct your overbite matter.

If You Have An Overbite Do You Need Braces ?

Actually, the need of braces depends on how big is your overbite is. The average overbite is around 2-4mm, which is normal and you do not need braces for slight overbites. And braces are not the only solution to correct overbites as there are other options such as Clear aligners to correct your overbite without hurting your appearance.

Braces not only improve your appearance but also correct many oral health conditions such as jaw misalignment, Gaps between tooth, speaking difficulties due to crooked teeth etc etc. So if you have one of signs, better to take our “Do I Need Braces Quiz” to find braces need easily.

What happens if you don’t get braces for an overbite?

The most common cause of an overbite is a lack of proper alignment. A person can have an under-bite as we;;, which is when the lower jaw protrudes past the upper jaw, or they can have an overbite, which is when the top teeth are too far forward.

If you don’t get braces to correct your overbite, it will continue to worsen and can lead to other issues like tooth decay and gum disease.

It gives an irreparable damage to teeth from abnormal positioning and possible jaw pain.

How long do you usually have braces for an overbite?

In most cases, braces are worn for an average of two years. This is the time needed to correct a mild to moderate overbite. However, if the overbite is severe or needs to be corrected in a short period of time, then this will be worn for about three years.

Lets try out with our How Long Will I Need Braces Quiz how long you need to wear braces for an overbite.

Do overbites worsen with age?

In a study, it was found that overbites worsen with age. The study found that the severity of overbite in adults increased with age.

The researchers used the SNA (snapping-turtle sign) to measure the severity of overbite. They found that when they looked at people in their 20s, they had an average overbite of 5 mm and by their 60s, it was 8-9 mm.

How long do you need braces for an under-bite?

The length of time a person needs braces to fix an under-bite depends on the severity of the under-bite. The more severe the under-bite, the longer like 12 months takes to fix it.

What is an under-bite? An under-bite is when a person’s lower teeth are in front of their upper teeth when they close their mouth.

How is overbite corrected?

You can use braces to correct your overbite. it aligns your jaws to the correct position. But uses braces for overbite is depends on your degree of overbite. Such major overbite issue still require to do a surgery to correct your Jaw bones to take it to the correct position. But in many cases braces shows the best solution for overbite issues.

Are you worrying to wear braces?

You don’t, right? because by wearing braces improves your facial beauty. So if you are recommended to wear braces, then be much stylish with braces. You can choose the color of the braces which goes with your skin tone or may be your hair color. Lets take a part with our What Color Braces Should I Get Quiz and find out which color braces matches to you.

What causes overbite?

Overbites often result from spacing out teeth or overcrowding. Missing or visibly spaced teeth can affect the positioning of your front teeth, which may move them to the side of your mouth. If your teeth are overcrowded, this can lead to misalignment and impact bite and even difficult to speak.

This issue comes genetically most of the time. Thumb sucking or a long time may cause overbite as well.

Can braces fix overbite in adults ?

For minor overbite you can use braces to fix it. But if its a major issue some thing with your jaw bones then orthodontist will recommend you a surgery. However, wearing braces is cost effective than doing a surgery.

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