Animals are important creatures on the plant. There are millions of species who live on the earth for ages. All animals help the environment to keep the balance of the ecosystem. They make the environment beautiful. The majority of us as humans are animal lovers as we are inherent from animals. That’s why we all love to go on Safari and get close contact with wild animals.

 Botswana is the number one country for the Safari bucket list as they aggressively thinking about the wildlife of the country. National Parks and game reserves in the country are specially designed for nature lovers. Every day, thousands of animal lovers visit such parks to see animal behavior to add experience for their lives. By looking at giant creatures like elephants and their behavior makes us mentally relieved. We can watch them for hours without any hesitation.

If you are a nature lover, you already know about animal behavior and many more about them. But still, you want to brush up the knowledge about wild animals? Try on our quiz…I’m sure Some information make you surprise.

This specially designed quiz is suitable for any age who loves animals and who are thirsty for knowledge about animals and species. Worth to give a try to assess your knowledge and brush up your brain… Let’s start!!!

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