Welcome to “Which Supernatural Character Are You” Quiz. We can finally live it up with the new episode of Supernatural. It’s been a long month! We get to spend all our time pondering our love of Jensen Ackles’ handsome face and Jared Padalecki in general, but that won’t hold us for very long.

We’re here to take you through the quiz “Which Supernatural Character Are You ?” This personality quiz help you decide who’s most like you in certain ways. These four characters (Dean, Sam, Castiel, Crowley) are fairly easy to understand due to the unique dynamics that each has with others, though it may be tough deciding which one is your favorite!

About “Supernatural” Movie

Supernatural premiered in 2005 and proved to viewers that the Winchesters were up to the task. They’ve faced many difficult battles since then and have left them with a lesson: sometimes you just need creative thinking to survive! When they discover that their father is missing they set out to find him which is when they discover a lot of their past has been orchestrated by near-omnipotent beings.

Over the course of the series, Sam and Dean have faced a lot of enemies that have put up a good fight. Instead of dealing with monsters every week, they’re now focusing more on a way to defeat their main antagonist in each season.

Supernatural is a popular and fascinating TV and movie series. The Winchesters (Sam and Dean) find allies in their war against evil, including the angel Castiel, the grizzled hunter Bobby Singer, the demon Crowley and the Nephilim Jack Kline. Find out which Supernatural character you are with this quiz!


Dean Winchester is the main character within supernatural entities. Dean has always been protective towards his brother, Sam (known as Winchester brothers). He initially wanted to avenge his mother and father’s murder, but over time. Then realizes that it’s not the right thing to do. Dean sees himself as Michael on Earth and has many abilities because of his status as the Knight and has immunity over many spells and casting and at the same time is an immortals that possesses excellent sensing power, strength, and more.


Sam has a number of admirable qualities, even if they are a bit incompatible with those that Dean himself possesses. He was never really happy being a hunter but felt compelled to fight against evil after his girlfriend Jessica was murdered.

Sam is an incredibly skilled fighter. Even if you were to consider intellect, he’s definitely smarter than Dean. He also knows many languages and has excelled over the years in competitions.


As an archangel, Castiel was used to being the best. He was given the responsibility of 66 seals – one for each seal of Lucifer’s prison. When he discovered that humanity wasn’t getting what they needed out of God, he tried to change things himself.

Castiel’s special powers include teleportation and strength to defeat even the strongest opponents. He had wings that allowed him to control electricity, too.


Ruby Initially considered as friend by Sam. but the obvious fact is that, she was the actual traitor who helped Lilith in setting Lucifer free. She was also responsible for making Sam a Demon blood addict.

Ruby used her beauty and clever mind to implement her dark plans by fooling Sam and as well as supernatural fans.

Her real name was Rebecca and she had special skills like magic/witchcraft, spell-casting, and telekinesis. Unfortunately, that wasn’t enough for her to succeed in the end.


Lucifer, God’s favorite angel, was the first to rebel. He asked for a vessel that could contain his power so he could use his abilities without harming others with it.

He tried to kill God who banished him and then plotted a plan for revenge. That plan involved creating monsters and destroying humans.

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