Do you like practical jokes? Let’s play a Wedgie Quiz.

Do you know the types of wedgies you deserve? Your likes, dislikes and school life can tell us more about your personality. We’ll find out together! Your appearance and what you’re wearing are determined by the choices & preferences of the clothes you select. For example, you might be judged based on your behavior or dress. Let’s see What Wedgie Do You Deserve. May be your underwear or thong hurts you a lot. Stay tuned.

What is the Type of Wedgie Quiz?

A wedgie is a prank, typically done by pulling up the victim’s undergarments/ Panty from the front, thereby giving the victim a wedgie. Wedgies are also often done by grabbing someone’s underwear or lets says Brief from behind and lifting it upwards.

Wedgies are typically considered a form of bullying or hazing. It has been used as a punishment in schools.

The Type of Wedgie Quiz is a trivia quiz for people interested in learning more about wedgies and what they are.

The Latest & Greatest Wedgie Quizes For Every Occasion

Today’s latest and greatest wedgie quizes are so much fun! We’ve put together a great collection for every occasion.

We’ve got wedding wedgie quizes, birthday wedgie quizes, yearbook wedgie quizes, and even holiday wedgie quizzes just for you.

All of our quizzes are easy to use and fun to play with friends! So if you’re looking for some light-hearted content that will generate laughter among your group of friends or family member, look no further – we have what you need in these pages.

How to Play the Classic Wedgie Quiz

The game of wedgies is a simple game of guessing who will get the next wedgie. This game is often played in elementary school, or during sleepovers. It can be played with as few as 2 players, but the more players there are the more fun it becomes.

The first person to guess who will get the next wedgie must announce their choice before the person receiving the wedgie does anything. Whoever guesses correctly receives one point and then guesses for themselves. The first player to accumulate 10 points wins!

The Best Type of Wedgie Quiz for You

The best type of wedgie quiz for you is the one that’s the most accurate.

Wedgie quizzes are quizzes where you give a person two images and they have to decide which one is more appropriate for you. There are a few different types of wedgie quizzes, but which one is the most accurate?

The best type of wedgie quiz for you is the one that’s the most accurate. The others might be fun, but they won’t do as good a job as a “best type” wedgie quiz because accuracy is what makes it work better.

Though the Wedgie quiz looks so much fun, there can be a hidden danger while doing that prank as it may hurt testacies of the victim if he is a man. so it’s not a very good joke if you are not an adult.

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