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Who is Kelly Price ?

Kelly Price, a respected African-American gospel singer, was called a ‘thief’ and ‘greedy’ on social media because she charged for a singing performance at the funeral of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., who has been called out as not being able to sing. What makes this incident even more harmful is that someone had recorded her performing at the event and shared it on twitter with hateful comments. The incident brings up questions about whether people of color have a voice in society and how they are treated when they use their voice.

What is clear from the incident is that people of color are often treated differently than white people when they use their voices in society. One example of this treatment would be how many more tweets were sent about Kelly Price’s performance than about Dr. King’

The recent Incident bout Kelly Price.

The singer has been public about her battle with COVID-19. She was admitted to a Georgia hospital over the summer and family members report she was in ICU.

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